Beer and Wine Menu

Great Beer, Wine and Beverages with a view

Don’t go thirsty! The Tooting Otter Beer & Wine Bar serve up everything

from Mimosas and Frozen Ritas to Ice cold Beer and Wine.


Sit back, relax & enjoy some riverside refreshments today!



Beer on Tap

Bold Rock Carolina Apple Cider-$5

Bud Light-$3.50

Central 28 Miss Mary Brown-$5

Goose Island IPA- $5

Kona Big Wave-$5

Landshark- $4

Michelob Ultra-$4

Murphys Stout-$5

Rolling Rock-$4

Shock Top-$4

Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing-$5

Southern Tier 2X IPA-$5

Southern Tier Pumking-$7

Southern Tier Tooting Otter Blonde Ale-$4

Stella Artois- $5

Sweetwater Mango Kush-$5

Wekiva River Water-$4

Wicked Weed Watermelon Burst-$7

Canned Beers

Budweiser 16oz- $5

Bud Light 16oz- $5

Bud Light Lime 16oz- $5

Central 28 Sunshine Greetings- $5

Goose Island So-Lo-$5


Kona Big Wave- $5

Kona Longboard- $5

Michelob Ultra 16oz- $5

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale-16oz- $6

Sweetwater 420- $5

Tampa Bay Reef Donkey-16oz- $6

Victory Sour Monkey- $8

Wicked Weed Pernicious IPA-$5


Bud Light Seltzers

Mango- $4.50

Strawberry- $4.50

Lemon Lime- $4.50

Black Cherry- $4.50

Cranberry- $4.50

Grapefruit- $4.50

Pineapple- $4.50 

Ready To Drink Cocktails

Cutwater Grapefruit Vodka Soda-$6.00

Cutwater Lime Vodka Soda- $6.00

Cutwater Mint Mojito- $6.00

Frozen Ritas

Strawberry Mango Rita- $6.00


Wine on Tap

ChardonnayAerena-Sonoma County$7

Pinot GrigioStemmari-Sicily $7

RieslingGotham Project-Finger Lakes$7


Sauvignon BlancSea Pearl-Marlbourough, New Zeland$7

Sparkling WhiteEufloria-Washington$7

Cabernet Sauvignon Dante-California$7

Malbec Santa Julia-Argentia$7

Pinot NoirVinum-California$7

SangriaSwashbuckler-Red Sangria$7

ZinfandelPacific Standard-Sonoma Valley$7

Bottle of Champagne– $25



Regular- $6.00

Double- $9.00


Other Beverages

Icelandic Bottled Water- $2.00

Redbull- $3.25

Coke- $2.00

Diet Coke- $2.00

Mountain Dew- $2.00

Dr Pepper- $2.00

Sprite- $2.00

Gatorade- $2.00