How paint can help the Wekiva River

Posted by Lauren Sedam | February 25, 2021
At Wekiva Island, we love a good time—but we’re so much more than that! We strive to share the rare beauty of...
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15th annual Wekiva Paint Out to bring artists to Central Florida for week-long event

Posted by Lauren Sedam | January 12, 2021
Canvases set up in canoes. Easels hiding amidst the trees. Fine art lining the boardwalk. Artists from all over will soon be...
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Wekiva Island’s annual Winter Wonderland brings safe, outdoor fun to Central Florida

Posted by Lauren Sedam | November 17, 2020
Many things have changed this year with COVID-19, but the holidays aren’t cancelled—at least, not at Wekiva Island. Wekiva Island will still...
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Why we love art at Wekiva Island

Posted by Lauren Sedam | March 2, 2020
While visiting Wekiva Island, you might have seen the dozens of paintings that line the wall in our General Store. Or, maybe...
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Winter Wonderland VIP Party supports exotic animal rescue in Apopka

Posted by Lauren Sedam | December 20, 2019
Lions and tigers and bears, and they’re all in Apopka…oh my! You might now know it, but just a little way from...
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Check out all the Winter Wonderland fun in our commercial

Posted by Lauren Sedam | December 12, 2019
Winter Wonderland at Wekiva Island is one of our favorite times of the year. Originally started as a boat parade with a massive...
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Alaska … the Last Frontier Salmonfest … the Rally Cry!

Posted by Lauren Sedam | August 16, 2019
From our owner, Bill Weinaug If you follow us on Mary’s Facebook, you know we just got back from Alaska. Their license...
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