Beer & Wine

Can you spell “Beer for a Year”?

Posted by Lauren Sedam | February 11, 2020
Let’s take you back to elementary school. You’re in the middle of your spelling test and that one word stumps you. You...
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Celebrate craft beer at Wekiva Island’s Otter Fest

Posted by Lauren Sedam | January 10, 2020
You might know us at Wekiva Island for fun days canoeing or kayaking on the Wekiva River, beautiful riverside views or amazing...
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From college roommates to business partners— why Ivanhoe Park Brewing has our hearts

Posted by JoEl LaBorde | August 24, 2019
Our owner, Bill Weinaug, and his long-time friend, Russ Heiken, first met at Penn State University while getting their Architectural Engineering Degrees....
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Relaunching Tooting Otter Blonde Ale: ‘Why the hell not?’

Posted by Lauren Sedam | July 1, 2019
If you’ve ever been sitting riverside at Wekiva Island, soaking up the Florida sun and sipping on some of Southern Tier Brewing...
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2019 Napa Valley Wine Tours: The tradition, family values and history behind Wekiva Island’s wine selections

Posted by Lauren Sedam | May 31, 2019
There is something to be said about learning from the past, applying it to today, and using that knowledge to chart your...
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